What is therapy like?

Therapy is a collaborative, focused, confidential, and safe place to talk about your experience in life as well as your ongoing process in life. Therapy can be intense at times, especially if it’s a new experience to open up and share your feelings and vulnerabilities. While it may be intense, there will always be a bent towards kindness, self care and compassion while ensuring there is grounding and containment should you need it. It is normal to feel hesitant and nervous to start a process of exploration or deeper dives into your inner life, and it’s important to find the right pace for this for yourself. These are all great things to process together as you experience them to create further safety, connection and openness in the therapeutic relationship. 

What do we talk about or what do we do?

Anything and everything! We can use talk as a modality to get going, but we can also use experiential processing, brainspotting, meditation, art and play to help support your process and what you need. Folks process their close relationships, family, work, emotions, addictions, recovery, life goals and dreams. Talk is a great way to process experiences and to sort out our emotions and to bring to light the places we need support around, while deeper experiential processing can also clear out stuck or repressed feelings and experiences as well as allow for deeper consciousness to emerge. We will check in along the way and talk about where we are going or where we need to focus on, which is most dependent on your own individual goals and needs. Although talk therapy is a primary way of getting to the good stuff, there are also many other methods and modalities that we can use to take a break from talking or to just allow room for more expressiveness and clarity! 

How long does therapy take?

Therapy can be an ongoing and collaborative process or it can also be a short term place to sort things out or do some integration work with a supportive guide. Some people are committed to a lifelong journey of therapy and feedback. Others may need it for a season or to prepare or integrate big changes or shifts in life. Whether it’s 6 weeks or 6 years, there will be ongoing communication about the trajectory of your individual goals and needs. 

I have other providers and how does that fit in?

Great! There is so much value in a multidisciplinary team approach. I regularly work with other therapists, psychiatrists and dietitians to ensure we are collaborating in a holistic way and seeing all perspectives of your care and treatment goals. 

What if I can’t afford it?

Therapy is an investment into your mental health and sustainability as a human. I don’t think our culture and society at large has prioritized mental health and wellness which in turn, presents barriers and complications for those looking to start this process. Finances can be a barrier to accessing this valuable resource and I understand that barrier. To try and offset this, I do offer sliding scale spots to make therapy more accessible. I also provide resources to boost your connection to mental health tools. And on request, I will create a superbill that you can provide to your insurance company for possible insurance reimbursement. I can also provide you with other mental health options if finances continue to be a barrier. My hope is that all people have accessibility for mental health resources!

I’m unsure, can I just test it out?

Of course! Give me a call for a complimentary phone consultation so we can get a feel if we’d be a good fit. Should you decide to move forward we can schedule our initial session together and then go from there. Therapy has the best outcomes when you are connected to your therapist and you feel seen and heard! If you’re still reading, I encourage you to take the dive! It can make all the difference!