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Hi and welcome! I’m grateful you’re here! 

My name is Peggy Hobbs and I’m a licensed professional counselor and relational therapist specializing in trauma, eating disorders, identity,  life changes and transitions. 
I believe to be human is to have impact and be impacted by, and this deserves the space to explore our complex stories and how we show up in the world today. 
We are formed and wounded in relationship and I believe we are also healed in relationship. 
I respect and value all bodies, sizes, abilities, and religious or non-religious affiliations. 
I am LGBTQ+ affirming and continue to do my own work around being an ally as well as being aware of how experiences of oppression in our society impact our collective ability to live well together. 
In my spare time, I enjoy learning and playing with ideas and concepts, hiking, being by any water source, listening to live music, traveling, thrifting, and cooking and eating for fun and pleasure. You can usually find me chasing around my two little ones, spunky dog, and spending time with my partner.
My clients teach me daily about our connectedness in our pain and in our joy. I believe that my healing and your healing are connected and bound up together in the greater context of our collective healing as a community. 
Lilla Watson as well as the activists groups she was part of summed this up beautifully, 
“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”
I am grateful that I have the opportunity to come alongside others and I would be honored to join you wherever you may be in your process towards healing.